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Day Trips - Johannesburg and Pretoria region

Join Etienne Marais for a world-class birding experience! Outings are tailor-made to your requirements, which can be high diversity birding, or a specific focus on your target species. Etienne is co-author of the acclaimed: “Chamberlain guide to Birding Gauteng” and is a leading birder in Southern Africa, with intimate knowledge of the region around Johannesburg and Pretoria.  The area offers a surprising array of quality birds!  


Tour basics 

Orange River Francolin
  • From early til late! 

  • Cost ZAR 3200 (1- 3 pax) 

  • A light lunch is provided 

  • Birding can be mostly vehicle based or tailored to include a bird-walk element. 

  • Mostly on private land and nature reserves  

Top birds found around Gauteng

The area holds surprising diversity from a host of grassland endemics such as Melodious and Eastern Clapper Lark,  to a huge variety of woodland birds such as the striking Crimson-breasted Shrike and Long-tailed Paradise Whydah. Popular species include a variety of Francolins (Shelleys, Orange River and Coqui), Raptors such as Ovambo Sparrowhawk, and wetland species including Red-chested Flufftail and African Rail. Other good birds include White-bellied and Blue Korhaan, Meyer's Parrot and in winter, large congregations of the Blue Crane. We recommend that birders use our annotated list to indicate priorities whether they be new birds or targets for photography. 

image of Bushveld Pipit
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