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Central Mozambique and Zimbabwe higlands (summer)

Centred around the iconic Gorongosa Mountain, central Mozambique holds a rich suite of regional specials including Locust FInch, Lesser Seedcracker, African Pitta, Black and White (Vanga) Flycatcher, Black-headed Apalis and East Coast Akalat. Birding habitats are diverse and rich with extensive lowland dry forest, miombo woodland, montane grasslands, coastal wetlands and grassy plains. Coastal estuaries can hold a rich array of migrant waders. This trip also includes a stop over in the eastern highlands of zimbabwe for a bonus of forest and grassland specials.  


Tour basics 

  • Length 15 Days 

  • Cost ZAR 27,000

  • Accomodation - modest to comfortable

  • Challenges. Hot and humid in December 

Top 10 Birds 

  • African Pitta (Summer trips only) 

  • East Coast Akalat 

  • White-chested Alethe

  • Eastern Tiny Greenbul 

  • Locust Finch 

  • Swynnerton's Robin 

  • African Hobby (Summer Trips only) 

  • Speckle-throated Woodpecker

  • Plain-backed Sunbird

  • Black and White Shrike-Flycatcher  

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  • Next date 26 Nov- 10 Dec 2020
  • 2021:  30 Nov - 14 Dec 2021  
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