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Namibia  (Dry Region + Cave Chat) 

Namibia is a diverse country which is dominated by deserts, barren mountains and a rich coastline with incredible waterbird spectacles. Our tours typically cover the endemic rich north-western quadrant starting in the capital city of Wndhoek. Top destinations visited include the Erongo Mountains, Spitzkoppe and Ugab river which lies in the shadow of the imposing Brandberg Mountain.  


Tour basics 

  • Length 11 Days 

  • Cost ZAR 31,000

  • Accommodation - comfortable (Namibian accom is if a high standard)

  • Challenges. Hot and dry  

Top 10 Birds 

  • Monteiro's Hornbill

  • Rockrunner

  • Dune Lark 

  • White-tailed Shrike 

  • Herero Chat 

  • Ruppell's Korhaan 

  • Ruppell's Parrot  

  • Burchell's Courser 

  • Bradfield's Swift 

  • Bare-cheeked Babbler  

  • Angola Cave-chat !  

Bare-cheeked Babbler
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