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Short Endemic Tours (Eastern South Africa)


Tour basics 

  • Length 3 - 8 days 

  • Accommodation - comfortable. 

  • Group Size - from 1 - 4 

African Rock Pipit

Johannesburg provides a base from which one can easily access a variety of habitats holding an impressive suite of endemics and near endemics. Sites visited include: 

  • Afromontane Forests on the eastern escarpment which hold near endemics such as Knysna Turaco, Chorister Robin and Bush Blackcap. 

  • High altitude mountains of Lesotho which offer Drakensburg Rockjumper, African Rock Pipit, Mountain Pipit. Layard's Warbler and Grey Tit 

  • Highveld grassland with it's array of larks, cisticolas, bustards and francolins.  

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